Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Good morning! Today I dont have a crafty project to share :( just me blabbin' lol
So the hubby and I went on a much needed vacation this past week and just got back yesterday. We did a mini road trip from Orange County, CA up to San Fran. We stopped at some of the most beautiful places. However, the weather was different in almost every city. Experience, experience, experience. 
I cannot remember where this is at right now, I do know its somewhere between Santa Barbara and Pismo Beach :P as you can see, beautiful day. 
Now in San Fran, it wasnt so sunny.... I guess it's okay because last time we were up there, was in the spring and now we got to experience fall weather. :) 
Of course, it wouldn't have been complete without a trip to Hobby Lobby (my first time there!!) I only bought 4 paper stacks - I had no coupons (luckily, they were 40% off) and had to save $$ for Black Friday deals!! :) Anybody going to Michaels? If I remember correctly, paper stacks will be $9.99 each and the atg gun $19.99 PLUS the 30% discount ;)   
I bought these (sorry for the horrible pix, courtesy of my dinosaur blackberry)  

Hopefully I have as much time as supplies to get crafty!! Thanks for reading my ramblings! Have a great day and Happy Thanksgiving in advance :)
♥ Cyndy. 


Georgiana said...

Love the paper stacks. You can NEVER have too many. : )

Happy Thanksgiving,
Carson's Creations

Maribel said...

I LOVE stacks. I think I have a stack problem:) I saw those last two at HL and I'm really wanting them now...

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